A Victim of Societies ills

My name is Shamanie and my government has failed me. Did it start with being born with Sickle Cell Disease and watching as the diseases of a "greater race" were cured? Or was it when I decided to give back to my community and teach in the inner city only to be afflicted with ten plus years of crippling respiratory illnesses. Again, I watched as the needs of minorities were put aside in the pursuit of profitable factories, infrastructure and other lung killers. It continued when I was unfairly dismissed from a bureaucratic job by an unqualified principal and was allowed no recourse because I was not tenured. This led to losing my first apartment to rising rent and of course, incurring more debt. Now I sit not caring about the future because it's ripe with poor credit scores and $100,000 in school loan debt for a position I still haven't attained. My only comfort is that 90% of the country is experiencing the same pain. It is this, and this alone that has given me the strength to fight back!
We the people have the strength and the will to do what is necessary to take our country back. Thanks to the resistance I now participate in local elections, I have more campaigns to volunteer for and I am more educated about our legal system. I am now more keenly aware of how flawed our system is and this is where the Democratic Party comes in. We need them to turn away from paid lobbies and turn to face what corruption has done to their constituents. I truly believe that this is our last chance to save our country and our Planet from dictatorship and eventual devastation.