Check out Politics Reborn's upcoming events - and our survey!


Politics Reborn needs your help with getting the list of members who sit on each county committee in New York.  Our goal is to increase government transparency as many of these lists are not publicly available or accessible. You can find more information regarding our progress on this project here.    

Better Understanding Our Members

Please take the time to fill out this survey so we can better understand how to strengthen this organization. 

Upcoming Events

  • 12-07-17: Film Night, Class Divide, 35-37, 36th st. Astoria, NY. Details and RSVP here. Afterwards, we will be discussing ways in which we plan to battle REBNY and developers in the upcoming year.
  • 12-13-17: Book Discussion: Activism Inc. 35-37 36th st. Astoria, NY. Details and RSVP here.
  • 12-17-17: Politics Reborn Comes To Long Island: Our First Meeting In Plainview Public Library, 999 Old Country Rd Plainview, NY. Details and RSVP here.

Schedule A Call

If you want to start organizing, schedule a one-on-one conference call with our staff today by clicking here. Our job is to help you continue this movement.

Don't Forget to Join Basecamp

Basecamp is the platform we use to connect people to various projects. From graphic design to data entry, the projects we do on Basecamp has it all. You can fight for progressive causes, even if you are a hemisphere away! Email us if you are interested in joining!