Politics Reborn Says Yes To A New York Constitutional Convention

New York State prides itself on leading the nation. We perceive ourselves to be a shining example of progressive politics and effective government. If only this were true. However, we have an opportunity to change our state for the better by having a state constitutional convention.

We support a Constitutional Convention in New York for multiple reasons. A constitutional convention allows voters to amend the state constitution by directly voting on amendments, instead of waiting for the state legislature to act. Progressive reform could be achieved, instead languishing while the Assembly, State Senate, and Governor bat them back and forth, as they are now.

What could we accomplish?

New York could simplify the ballot access process, so that independent, community-supported candidates have an equal chance to run and represent their communities. We could also implement term limits and make redistricting a much more independent and fairer endeavor.

New York could expand access to the disenfranchised, allowing early voting, simplifying the absentee ballot process, and extending voting hours to allow more voters a chance to participate in our democracy.

New York could enshrine a right to clean air and clean water for all, protecting residents of the state from the dismantling of federal level environmental regulations by strengthening our own at home.

New York deserves better. While it would be wonderful if we could achieve these reforms through the legislature, time and again, our lawmakers don’t rise to the challenge. Our representatives, and those who ensure they keep their seats, are happy with the status quo, and are in no hurry to change it. A Constitutional Convention gives regular people a chance to act directly for the changes we have hoped and waited for too long. Here’s our chance to be the change we want.


In Solidarity,

Politics Reborn