First Queens DSA Meeting, Our First Fundraiser and More!!!

It may be a new year but the fight for progress continues! The movement for a progressive America isn't going anywhere!

Big News

Democratic Socialists of America will be opening a DSA Queens Branch and they will be hosting their first meeting at 7 pm on January 24th -we are still trying to find the perfect venue, but when we do, we’ll will send everyone a link to rsvp.

Important Upcoming Events

  • 1-11-17 Volunteer Contact Banking: 35-37, 36th street, 4th floor, Astoria, NY. Details and RSVP here
  • 1-12-17 January Film Screening: Weiner: 35-37, 36st street, 2nd Floor, Astoria, NY. Details and RSVP here.
  • 1-18-17 Book Discussion: The ABCS of Socialism: 35-37, 36th street, 4nd floor, Astoria, NY. Details and RSVP here.
  • 1-21-17 January Member Recruitment: Women’s March NYC: 833 1st Ave street, New York, NY. Details and RSVP here.
  • 1-21-17 D.C. Recruit Members at Women’s March in DC. Contact Us if interested.
  • 1-28-17 January Fundraiser: Game Day/Night & Bake Sale: 35-37 36th street, 2nd floor, Astoria, NY. Details and RSVP here.

Activists Needed - Contact Us Regarding the Volunteer Opportunities Listed Below 

  • College Organizers to assist on creating a local Politics Reborn club at your college.
  • Web Designers to assist on maintaining and improving our website.
  • Social Media to assist us in promoting our organization through Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media.
  • Regional and State Leaders - to utilize the tools Politics Reborn can provide while rapidly expanding this organization throughout the country, and organizing and empowering communities everywhere! 

Tell Your Story Update

We deeply apologize for the length of time it has been since many of you attended our first Tell Your Story event. We hope to have a more clear update and the release of the first footage soon! We thank you all for your patience.   

Our Progress

  • We are assisting Alice Christy in becoming the first Politics Reborn member to create her own block association. This is only the beginning!
  • Our fundraising has allowed us the flexibility to bring on an additional staffer. We hope for the details to be finalized and released soon.    

The Time Is Now

Get involved and schedule a one-on-one conference call with our staff today by clicking here. Our job is to find ways you can help continue this movement while still having fun and time for yourself.