Huffington Post will be livestreaming our Election Integrity Rally!


Politics Reborn has postponed its Rally for Election Integrity. It is now scheduled for Tuesday, August 1st at 11:30 am outside the Brooklyn Board of Elections (345 Adams Street). Huffington Post will be livestreaming the event! RSVP here to attend. It is time to remind the establishment that we have not forgotten how they rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders!

Calling All Editors and Filmmakers

Join our film editing team on July 30th as we make tweaks to various interviews of ordinary Americans telling their story on how government has failed them! Please bring your laptop, charger, and some kind of external drive. Please note that you must have Adobe Premiere Pro installed (the CC version) to help us on this project. RSVP here. You can watch these incredible interviews here.

Conference Call Schedule

If you want to start organizing, schedule a one-on-one conference call with our staff today by clicking here. Our job is to help you continue this movement.

Don't Forget to Join Basecamp

Basecamp is the platform we use to connect people to various projects. From graphic design to data entry, Basecamp has it all. You can fight for progressive causes, even if you are a hemisphere away! Email us if you are interested in joining!