Our Organizers

Donnie and JoAnn Whitehead

Two of the most experienced community organizers in southeast Queens. They allowed their house in St. Albans be used as a staging location for the Bernie 2016 campaign. The Whiteheads were credited by the New York Times for helping Barack Obama win a majority in New York's sixth congressional district in the 2008 Democratic Primary against Hillary Clinton.

Virginia “Vigie” Ramos Rios

Regional Outreach & Field Organizer for Bernie 2016 in NY & CA.  Former financial services marketing and sales professional. Complementary Medicine Energy Healer.

Michael Blecher

Worked as a research assistant in several Psychology Research Labs before becoming a political organizer and activist. Canvassed in six states on behalf of the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign.

Michael has written in OpEdNews and his work for the campaign has been covered in The Village Voice and Newsday.

Max Kurant

Deputy Director of High School Outreach in the State of New York. Max committed countless hours to flyering, petitioning, and canvassing on top of attending one of the most prestigious high schools in Queens and plans to create our first Politics Reborn High School Club in the upcoming school year.  

Andrew Freitas

One of the original Team Bernie New York volunteers. Andy hosted one of the first Bernie 2016 voter registration drives and meetings in Queens, NY. He has over fifteen years of accounting experience.