List of Projects

Community Organizing Project

We are looking for people who are interested in becoming leaders in their own neighborhood. This project requires its cohort to canvass their community regularly on local issues. We encourage anyone interested in this project to get their feet wet by first running for a seat on a political party’s county committee. However, this is not required. We have helped various third-party members learn to be better community organizers without asking them to run for a seat on their local Democratic or Republican county committee.

Tell Your Story Project

We are looking for filmmakers and participants to partake in an interview where they discuss how government policies are currently failing them and the importance of being politically involved. Our hope is to use these interviews to better combat political apathy. We are also looking for people to manage a social media schedule where the previous set of interviews is shared on a daily basis. This person would also be responsible for encouraging others, such as the interviewees to share the videos as well.

Research: County Committee Project

Help our ally, the County Committee Sunlight Project, by obtaining the bylaws of every county committee in New York as well as the ledger of who sits on each county. This requires calling the local Board of Elections. Sadly, you may have to be persistent for them to give you this information! If you are a website designer, you can also help them on updating the site so it includes additional counties!

Research: Legislative Bill Bank Project

We need you help finding legislation that continue to fail to pass the the state legislature or City Council that would be good bills to canvass on! Creating a database where anyone wanting to canvass could find potentially good bills based on city, state and topic is a needed tool to empower organizers!

Voter File: Data Wrangling and Programming

In certain parts of the country, voter files are still not very readable. For example, in states like NY, the Board of Elections provides voter files in ASCII format making it almost impossible for ordinary people to utilize unless they have a data wrangler to help them. We are looking for people who can help breakdown these voter files and convert them into something more readable such as a CSV file. We already have a website where anyone can access all voter files for Queens, NY. Help us expand that database! Please be aware that this project has been discontinued indefinitely.

Co-op Database and Fighting NYC's Unfair Property Tax

We need researchers to to organize a list of all co-ops in New York City by borough. Believe it or not, but no list is currently available, making it difficult for people who live in co-ops to organize effectively.This database will be the first step in helping people who live in co-ops fight New York City’s unfair property tax. If this database turns out to be effective, we are hoping to then expand it to organize people living in additional property classes (e.g., homeowners).

Defending NYCHA

Politics Reborn is deeply committed to preventing any aspect of NYCHA from becoming privatized. We are demanding that the government is held accountable for the way they have neglected public housing. In addition, we are expecting our governmental officials to do all in their power to assure that everyone is guaranteed the right to adequate housing; the deteriorating conditions in NYCHA will not be tolerated. This project has several elements to it. It will involve organizing NYCHA residents through canvassing, creative forms of protests and utilization of the arts (e.g., Tell Your Story) to increase awareness of what people in NYCHA go through daily.   

Abolish The Jails

We are calling for New York governmental officials to close Rikers Island by the end of 2019. We are also demanding the immediate termination of any plan to build any new jails in the future. The strategy of this project still requires more development but as of now, we are very focused on simply increasing awareness of the following: the horrible conditions at Rikers, the fact there is still no guarantee Rikers closes in the near future, New York City's proposal to build four new jails and targeting potential allies who we feel have not gone far enough in their demands (e.g., close Rikers Island Campaign (e.g., JUSTLEADERSHIP USA' Close Rikers Campaign)

Fighting Displacement on a National and International Level

Displacement and gentrification is not just taking place in New York City, but it is also occurring on Long Island, and in upstate New York. To make matters worse, we are seeing rapid displacement happening all over the country (Seattle, San Francisco, etc.) and internationally. This is a complex project that will involve identifying and networking with populations fighting displacement all over the world, and learning from one another how best to create effective strategies going forward. On a more localized level, we are looking for people interested in researching the kind of figures that are largely benefiting from the various rezoning policies that are currently being implemented in NYC. We hope to organize various forms of direct action that will not only increase awareness of the issue of gentrification but be more disruptive in nature.

Saying No to the Nonprofit Industrial Complex

Politics Reborn is fully committed to building authentic community organizers while also putting an end to the way in which the nonprofit industry has been deeply compromised. It is time we increase awareness of the way in which numerous nonprofits have lost their way. For nonprofits to be effective allies, they must say no to corporate donors and foundation/governmental funding. They also must start caring more about making progress than they do about promoting their brand.

Helping our 501(c)(3) sister, Civics Reborn

Civics Reborn is hoping to build organic community relationships while serving as a "good government group" to governmental agencies, political parties, and the nonprofit industry.  More information can be found on Civics Reborn's website.

Admin Work

This involves various backend stuff we could use everyone's help on, especially fundraising. We could also use help in creating weekly newsletters, data entry, social media, website design, etc.