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Our Election Integrity Rally was a huge success! We can't thank everyone who promoted and/or attended this incredibly informative event enough.


Politics Reborn will be holding two book discussions. Our focus will be on the book, New York's Broken Constitution. We will also be discussing why we are encouraging New Yorkers to vote yes on having a Constitutional Convention which is on the November ballot. We will be hosting one on September 13th in Astoria and another one on September 16th (location is still being determined).

Upcoming Events

  • 8-11-17: Find Where De Blasio Stands by calling into Brian Lehrer's Radio Show. Details and RSVP here.
  • 8-23-17: Protest De Blasio at the Primary Debate, Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, NY. Details and RSVP here.
  • 8-29-17: Film Night: Awake, a Dream from Standing Rock, WeWorks, 35-37 36th street, Astoria, NY. Details and RSVP here. ¬†

Conference Call Schedule

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